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Patients medical fetish and bizarre electro pussy pain at the doctors clinic of cruelty and humiliation of female visitors. Medical patient Dolly is restrained on the doctors couch for a thorough pussy examination and electric stimulation on her genitals. Dolly ends up in tears from the pain and humiliation endured at doctor pervs medical fetish clinic. Brunette Dolly has a medical speculum up her pussy and electrodes attached all over her private parts for a serious medical humiliation and punishment session with the cruel doctor making absolutely sure his weeping patient is in pain and discomfort at all times.

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Dr. Marko had only finished a twelve hour shift doing employee
physicals at the medical facility. Because he was finishing up a residency in
Gynegology, they provided him all of the female staff. Today, he'd seen
tits, pussy, and ass in all the sizes and shapes though it looked the great people stood outin the brain of his much more than the bad people. Furthermore, the hospital
was noted for the support of its of physical conditioning, therefore most employees were in excellent physical shape. Oh just how he liked the nurses! His last
patient was Maude - Head Administrative Nurse for the entire medical center. She's approaching forty, but WELL preserved. She's tanned,
long-legged, looks great in nursewhites as well as dresses effectively, and also has sandy blonde hair that she often braids or perhaps uses up on the mind of her. She
additionally does not take some shit, in a good way type. Obviously, the
notion of fucking her has crossed the mind of mine a couple of occasions. He often
wondered just how she's in bed: Does she take charge as being a continuation of
the actions of her in the office, and does she love to ease up and take pleasure in the fuck?
These have been the thoughts daily of his as he labored in the clinic, seeing her on every event which she will pass by him. At the conclusion of the
examinations, specifically having examined her final he thought, "Hell,
it is late, allow me to simply sit down here & alleviate this particular stress (meaning jerk off and fantasize about Nurse Maude). Thus, that is what he did. He
sat on the edge of the examination table and then leaned back. It was quite
enjoyable attempting to undress her in his wonder and mind what kind of
underwear (or in her case "lingerie") she may be wearing; he didn't
get to see this aspect since she offered herself because of the examination in the conventional issue hospital gown. Nevertheless, unlike when he'd fantasized
about her before, he don't needed to fantasize about seeing her naked
tits, wondering whether her pussy hair golden or even dark brown, was it clipped, and did it are available for all...? He'd a clear image in the mind of his!
He was stroking quite effectively as well as truly getting off on these thoughts
when suddenly the examination room door was pulled open and he noticed Nurse Maude's voice saying, "Anybody in he......"
She stopped mid sentence as she noticed him leaning back again on the examination table,
the pants of his down to the lower legs of his, the shirt of his around the chest of his, and also his extremely tough dick getting pumped by his hand. "WHAT are you doing?", she stated, as
she stepped in and also got him by the arm driving him to remain up on the examination table. Just like an idiot, he'd lost to secure the damned door!
Below was Nurse Maude, changed today to the street clothes of her of jeans as well as a sweater, getting found him jerking off...
"I---I--was----just...", he anxiously stammered.
"I Understand what you are doing! We Won't allow that in this
medical center! Come with me", she stated as she led him from the examination room -
naturally, she made certain that the pants of his were back up - towards the office of her.
She shut the door behind them and told him to reduce his underwear and pants to the lower legs of his and also to bend around the table of her. She walked around
behind the table and he noticed her open among the bottom part drawers and take out a tube and a box of something. He might check the writing on both of
them: The package said "Latex Exam Gloves" as well as the tubing would have been a tube of KY jelly. She hit again in the drawer and pulled away a rubber cock with
some kind of belt linked to it.
"You'll become fucked now...", she stated as she placed on the latex examination gloves
and acquired the tubing of KY, getting it around to wherever the ass of his was presented to her. He felt the cheeks of his being parted as well as the great pressure
of her lubricated finger against the asshole of his. He tensed up and she
smacked the asscheek of his, distracting him therefore her finger slid deep in his ass --- right up until it touched the prostate of his. Next she started
moving the finger of her in as well as out plus twisting it around until he had also been going with the finger fucking rhythm of her, his cock dripping on the table of her.
"You that way, do you?", she stated as she intensified the action of her.
"Maybe it is time we receive serious...", & she slid the finger of her from his
asshole. She walked behind the table and has taken off the latex examination gloves.
Next, as his eyes widened, she pulled the sweater of her over the head of her to present her really fine set of breasts in a white lace bra. Without
pausing, the switch was started by her to the jeans of her and pulled the zipper down...wasting absolutely no time in continuing to move- Positive Many Meanings - them down and off. Nurse
Maude was standing before him in the bra of her and hi cut white-colored panties.
He centered on the view he had not gotten before, noticing the way her
closely trimmed pussy locks was hardly noticeable behind the satin as well as lace of the panties of her. Actually, he had also been concentrating on this a lot that he
did not notice...
She acquired what he discovered is known as a "strap on" dildo and place the belt close to the waist of her. Somehow, there is something quite erotic about
her with that phony dick protruding from the bra of her and pantied body. "This
would be the fuck you have been wanting", she stated as she slid a lubricated condom over the rubber penis. He viewed the stride of her toward him, her
high and tanned body looking great, the firm thighs of her as well as butt in the panties, as well as the phallus bouncing as she walked.
"Spread the legs wider" of yours, she stated as she smacked the butt of his and he experienced the top of the dildo involving the cheeks of his. He spread the legs of his further
apart as the idea of the dildo pressed against the asshole of his after which he experienced the strain of the "head".
"Oooh, aaahh", unngh, he moaned when the top of the dildo pushed his ass apart...and then it had been in. Today, it was not a problem, and she understood it,
since she pushed ahead and he knew the dildo was all of the way within as he felt the heat of the thighs of her against the asscheeks of his. She
began a constant in as well as out movement and he finally experienced the "balls" of the dildo slap against the asscheeks of his on the "in" stroke of her. Just like her
finger, he begun to move in rhythm with her, and that is when she hit below him and also started to stroke the dick of his.
"You love your dick stroked, do not you?", she requested as she applied a
constant pressure to it. Just before he can answer, she said, "And you like
becoming fucked in the ass, do not you?"
She slammed into the ass of his harder, and also it felt great, with the additional stroking of the dick of his. These days she was truly fucking him with that particular thing
and simultaneously stroking the dick of his. She might feel the hips of his moving
plus she sensed his approaching orgasm. "Don't you dare cum on my
desk...are you prepared to cum?", she stated.
"Y-y-y-esss", he moaned.
"Well you are NOT planning to cum on the desk" of mine, she said. With that, she
stopped stroking the dick of his and slid the dildo from his ass. "Sit down on
that particular seat and set the lower limbs of yours through the arms - show me the asshole" of yours, she stated.
He sat down on the overstuffed leather chair, it cool against his blank and overheated asscheeks. He rested each leg with the arms, feeling the
air on the asshole of his and imagining that this's exactly what the females should have thought in the stirrups now. Nurse Maude was standing there
seeing him present himself, in her panties as well as bra with a glistening dildo strapped around the waist of her.
"Go forward - eat up everything you started", she described.
"You would like me", he could not believe what she needed me to
"Do it right now - jerk off, get it through with", she sternly commanded.
She stood above him in the domineering way that he'd pondered about as he started stroking the dick of his. He enjoyed considering her, getting dominated
by her, and these ideas caused him to today have little difficulty jerking off before her. He became so consumed he did not notice her access a
butt plug from somewhere...but he recognized it as she slid it within his
spread and exposed asshole and began moving it all around. This was going
to help make him cum!
"Kind of like the exams today" of yours, she stated, as she forced the butt plug in the ass of his. Funny, he believed, he'd been rather mild with all his
probings - particularly hers!
He experienced the location of her a kleenex on the top of the dick of his as he started to shoot. And she pushed that butt plug in extremely strong & held it there,
all of the while making certain no cum leaked outside of the kleenex. When his
hips have been through with the spasm of theirs, and most of the cum had shot from his
dick, Nurse Maude left the cum soaked kleenex on the top part of the dick of his (a surrender flag) and also stood over him.
"You take your little play and buddy somewhere else, do you understand?",
she asked. "Now get dressed as well as return home - and then leave that butt plug in
there", she stated as she walked behind the desk of her and started taking off the strap on dildo.
He stood up and pulled his pants and underwear back up, tucked in the shirt of his, and also started walking out of the office of her.
"Monday is yet another day and we will pretend it never happened. But you
understand what is going to occur in the event that I actually learn about these kinds of antics or maybe catch you again?", she stated.
"Yes ma'am. I know", he stated humbly.
"No you don't!", she exclaimed. "This was just the get
out of here!", she screamed.
He left quickly. Must he let her get him again?

Doctor Pervs Medical Fetish

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Doctor Pervs Medical Fetish
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home to the ER examining room opened and in walked Kathy Driggs, R.N.
She has taken off the jacket of her and strung it on the rear of the door. Scrubs.
Hmmmm. He was kind of wishing for a nurse's uniform although scrubs did
use a specific appeal. As she hung up the coat of her he realized that the body of her
was firm and he might see the cheeks of her against the cotton content of the scrubs.
Turning off the door, she considered him and also said, "Tell me, precisely what's it you are attempting to accomplish?" She unfolded the arms of her and placed
the fingers of her on the hips of her. This was excellent. He might see the breasts of her
pushing against the top part, and also the hips of her as well as thighs have been accentuated as she
stood there with the hands of her on the hips of her and the feet of her spread somewhat apart. Have to reply to the question...
"I need for getting that much experience in this particular ER things so I will be prepared to head up the department...but, it is killing me - and, I believe I am getting
sick", he stated.
Nurse Kathy walked over to him and place the hand of her against the forehead of his while at the very same period rubbing his chest area and shoulders. Nevertheless, almost all he
noticed was the heat of her physique pressing against him and also the sweet scent of the perfume which she was using. Actually, he was very engrossed
in considering her and what he was feeling he missed what she said.
"Hey, did you listen to what I said? Try getting out of the pants" of yours, she told him.
"What, escape my pants?", he requested.
"Yeah. I am going to draw the temperature" of yours, she stated as she walked out
of the home and also shut the door behind her.
Effectively, he a minimum of believed that things might get good so he has taken from his white-colored doctor's jacket and strung it on the door over hers. Next he
has taken off his jeans and shoes, giving him standing up there in the socks of his as well as the underwear of his, and his polo shirt that was embroidered "Marko D.
MD". He was heating up, as for horny, standing in this examination space in his
underwear, realizing that Nurse Kathy will be going back to take the temperature of his - rectally.
Before too long, the door opened and in she walked. "Okay, get set up on
the table on the stomach of yours - that is just how I am going to take the temperature of yours. Both that, and on the edge together with the thighs and legs drawn up", she
He got up on the examining table and then lay down on the belly of his. He felt
the hands of her pulling underneath the waistband of the underwear of his and it was apparent what he was doing. He raised the hips of his also she pulled his
underwear down to the knee of his.
She stood alongside a kitchen counter and as he looked over at her, he was looking right at the thighs of her as well as the ass of her. He did not understand that scrubs
might be very revealing in the own way of theirs. He watched a rectal thermometer and
a tube of KY jelly resting on the countertop. Nurse Kathy was placing on
latex examination gloves.
She turned to take a look at him as she was sliding the next glove on the hands of her and said, "Lubrication is the key...right? Naturally, at home I
would not promote exam work gloves, but in the medical facility it is procedure." She took
the tubing of KY in the hand of her and approached his butt. "Spread the legs of yours
for me a bit of bit", she stated as he felt the hand of her involving the thighs of his.
Next he sensed her hand trace a route up the thighs of his to the cheeks of his, wherever she spread the fingers of her apart and this exposed the asshole of his. He experienced the
tube of KY against the cheeks of his and then he experienced the great lubricant getting squeezed out onto the asshole of his. He experienced the finger of her spreading the KY
about his asshole. "Now, exhale", she stated, so that as he did, he sensed her
finger slide gradually to the asshole of his, twisting from side to side as she inserted it the total length. "See, with lots of lube, you
do not really feel a thing", she stated, as constant pressure was applied by her to the finger of her. Effectively, "don't really feel a thing" was an understatement - she probably
ought to have said, "don't really feel some discomfort".
He was feeling GREAT with the finger of her in the ass of his and she was moving it around a bit of bit, in as well as through, side to side. He experienced the dick of his getting
difficult below him. Next, Nurse Kathy curled the fingertip of her and the
feeling was intensified. "Let's observe the way your prostate is doing", she
stated, as she pushed on it. She rubbed the fingertip of her on the prostate of his and
she felt the asshole of his involuntarily clenched firmly against the finger of her.
"See? You cannot assist it", she stated, after which she gradually eliminated her
finger from the asshole of his. Currently the dick of his had achieved a complete hard-on and
it had been anything he might do to hold from undulating on the examination table.
She left him lying on the examination table as she walked over to the kitchen counter and also acquired the thermometer, putting on KY to the length of its.
"Lubricate the rectum and the anus, in addition to the thermometer, and it is smooth sailing", she stated as she once again approached the ass of his. He experienced his
cheeks being distributed and she positioned the idea of the thermometer against the asshole of his. He clenched the muscles of his then and slightly he experienced the tip
pass the asshole of his and she continuously placed the thermometer. "You know
the way it goes - Wait for that anal spasm whenever the thermometer contacts the anus, then place it - not a problem, she said, right?", as she stood
behind him and also rubbed the cheeks of his as the thermometer registered.
"Appears not", he stated. What might he say? He's lying bare assed on
the examination table with a thermometer in the ass of his and also the nurse is taking it all in and rubbing the cheeks of his as it registers.
"Of course, if you are taking the own temperature of yours, it is a bit of difficult to
take proper care of these preliminaries, though they often work when you've to take someone else's temperature", stated Nurse Kathy.
"Wait a minute. How frequently do you've to have somebody's temperature
rectally?", he'd to ask. He never actually got engaged in those

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