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Patients medical fetish and bizarre electro pussy pain at the doctors clinic of cruelty and humiliation of female visitors. Medical patient Dolly is restrained on the doctors couch for a thorough pussy examination and electric stimulation on her genitals. Dolly ends up in tears from the pain and humiliation endured at doctor pervs medical fetish clinic. Brunette Dolly has a medical speculum up her pussy and electrodes attached all over her private parts for a serious medical humiliation and punishment session with the cruel doctor making absolutely sure his weeping patient is in pain and discomfort at all times.

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Doctor Pervs Medical Fetish
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Doctor Pervs Medical Fetish

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"The rectal climate is regarded as the accurate. I constantly get mine that
manner, and I bring everybody's temperature which- Positive Many Meanings- way", Nurse Kathy replied.
As she stated the, she adjusted the thermometer in the ass of his by twisting it
a bit of bit, tugging on it a bit of bit, after which inserting it a bit of additional. Today, all he might think of was the butt of her with a thermometer
rolling out of it. Which kept the dick of his hard.
He lay there in silence, subjecting the ass of his, as it rather appealing nurse rubbed the asscheeks of his and also diddled a thermometer within his ass. "Okay,
Four minutes are up - that is the secret time", she stated, as he experienced the thermometer slide from the ass of his. He looked over the shoulder of his to see
Nurse Kathy wiping the thermometer with a tissue and also holding it up to examine it. "99.6 - perfect... one level more by rectum. Right,
But this was only a rhetorical question. Nurse Kathy approached the
counter and place the thermometer in the sink, the KY jelly back on the kitchen counter, and also removed the examination gloves and tossed them in the garbag. He
viewed most of this, and somehow, the nurse of scrubs was looking quite good. She ran the hand of her over the spot just above his said, and cheeks
"Lie here a minute. I will be correct back."
Fine, I will simply lie right here, he believed to himself. He thought about what
was taking place. He could not help but go around on the examination table to
stimulate his rather challenging dick. The cool air flow across the cheeks of his and the
exposure in this particular healthcare atmosphere is quite erotic, he believed. His
asshole had been sensitized to the stage in which actually the oil felt great. He was practically in a dreamland, gradually moving the hips of his on the
table, if the door opened once again.
Nurse Kathy walked in and also, standing alongside the examination table, placed the hand of her squarely upon the asscheeks of his, squeezes them a little. "Okay, turn
over, allow me to explain to you something", she stated.
He noticed a common sound, including metal against metal, and he experienced a lttle bit of a vibration in the kitchen table. Nurse Kathy was pulling away something from
the conclusion of the kitchen table. He were towards the edge to see her sliding a round
stool throughout the floor. When he switched over, he quickly recognized that
the dick of his was rock hard and also standing straight up. He placed the hands of his
over the genitals of his and allow his legs hang with the conclusion of the examining table. His underwear slid down the legs of his and fell towards the floor.
Nurse Kathy got the foot of his and placed them in the stirrups. This particular further
exposed him, a minimum of his asshole. "C'mon Doc, do not you believe I've
seen all of this before - and also, do you feel I am going to harm you?", she stated as she took the hands of his away from the genitals of his and placed
them at the side of his. She walked over to the kitchen counter and place on another
pair of examination gloves and put on KY jelly to the index finger of her. Next she
walked to the conclusion of the examining sats and table on the small stool directly below the ass of his. She spread his knees apart. "I believe you liked
it when I touched the prostate" of yours, she stated, as he sensed her lubricated fingertip press against the asshole of his.
He did not need to point out something as he pressed against her finger. "Well,
it would not be ideal for me to leave without stimulating it, would it?",
she requested. With that, she'd massaged the finger of her close to his
asshole sufficient that she gradually slid it all of the way inside and then moved it around...then placed it immediately against his prostate. "Squeeze your
ass tight when I feel it", she stated, as she began a rhythm against his prostate. "I love to view your penis flinches!", she announced, as
she allow her fingertip tap the prostate of his.
By this particular time, he was starting to operate in the rhythm of the finger of her pointing in and out of the asshole of his and bumping against the prostate of his. She was
driving her no cost hand to massage along the thighs of his and sometimes to stroke his balls. "Do you masturbate?", she requested.
He hesitated. She had taken the right hand of his and moved it up to his extremely hard
dick. The natural response of his was to wrap the hand of his close to it. She kept
the hands of her on his and also stroked it in place and down. "Y-ye-, I do", yes, he
finally responded.
"Well, go ahead, and also I will assist you to along", she stated as she carried on guiding the hand of his down and up along the shaft of his.
She'd worked up an alternating rhythm involving the finger of her in the ass of his as well as the hand of her moving the hand of his up and down the dick of his. When the finger of her went
from the ass of his, her hand stroked up; when the finger of her became available, her hand stroked down. As she trained him the rhythm, she had taken the hand of her from his
and continued with the rubbing of her of the thighs of his and also stroking the balls of his.
The finger of her moved more quickly, and so did the stroking of his. Through the speed of
her finger fucking the asshole of his, she controlled the pace of the dick stroking of his.
She might feel his approaching orgasm as his ass tightened on the finger of her as well as the hips of his started moving a lot more anxiously. The feet of his were pressed
contrary to the stirrups as well as the hips of his raised. As he recorded the cum of his, she slid
the finger of her all the way into the ass of his and applied constant pressure to the prostate of his. The free hand of her was prepared with a tissue and also caught every drop
of cum spewing from the dick of his. When he was done cumming, the hips of his
lowered on the table and she knew only the perfect moment to slide the finger of her from the asshole of his. She had taken another tissue and wiped away the KY.
He lay there uncovered in the stirrups, having merely jerked off before the nurse while she examined the prostate of his (finger fucked the ass) of his.

Medical BDSM

Nurse Kathy stood up and walked over towards the kitchen counter. She has taken off the
exam gloves and threw them out. As she was cleaning the hands of her, he let
the arm fall of his from the examination table so that the hand of his might touch the leg of her.
He wrapped the fingers of his across the interior of the thigh of her and rubbed it.
She stated to him, "You see, actually believed the rectal temperature is more
precise, you will always need to be mindful you do not receive the affected person also aroused because of the anal stimulation." Then she stepped to the side,
out of reach of the hand of his, and dehydrated the hands of her. Taking walks past her, she
ran the hand of her down the thigh of his and also said, "I hope you're experiencing better
today, Doctor", after which she has taken the coat of her and left the examination room, as he watched the ass bounce of her in the scrubs.
He carried on to lie there in the stirrups, considering what had just occurred, as the hand of his gently rubbed the belly of his., he an once again an once again
dreamland, when suddenly the door burst open and he was jerked back to reality. He looked up to discover Peters - a stout fifty year-old
female in a white nurse's uniform. She barged about half way into the
space before realizing it was "occupied".
Surprised, excuse me, "Oh, she said, Doctor. I thought Driggs was
through with the patient" of her, plus she switched to go out of the examining room, closing the door behind her.
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"HOME IN BED" (Another small dream setting by Play Doctor)
You will find occasions when I'm often called from home to stay out of town for a prolonged stay. To be able to be more comfortable and not
stranded in a motel room for days on end, I made the acquaintance of 1 of my from town co-workers and also I "rent" an extra space in the home of his.
He's an older gentleman, semi retired, and retained by the organization to be called in if needed. The house of his is extremely great and I'm more than
comfortable within the room which I "rent".
For rather some time, he'd been mentioning to me that the "girl" down the
block is by and looks after the school, does the cleaning & clothes, and also runs errands for him. This particular "girl" is in fact about my
age, mid-30's, and it is an individual parent doing the very best that she is able to to recuperate from an abusive marriage. He commented to me she really works at
the area hospital after having just recently completed a nursing program in the neighborhood community college. You can bet that made the ears of mine perk up!
Nevertheless, I'd never met her, so everything I'd to begin was what the brain of mine will develop. At least until recently.
I met her 1 day and she was about what I expected, though I have a tendency to fantasize about blonde nurses. Approximately 5'6" with shoulder length dark
hair, she was wearing jeans as well as a sweater so I estimated aproximatelly 125
pounds but I did not fail to notice that the ass of her was really firm for
having dropped 2 kids as well as her breasts seemed never to sag underneath the sweater. She was also extremely pleasant, although the encounter of ours was brief.
I did get the possibility to thank her for preserving the place; she actually went into the room of mine and made the bed when I was being there. Since I
had watched her, I can further improve the fantasies of mine, he is lying in bed at
night and also stroking the penis of mine while I pictured her in her nurse's uniform...
The seasons were definitely changing and I'd been found without the correct bright clothes. Someplace out there I'd caught cold and it'd been
dragging me down for many days. I chose to keep at "home" today
since it'd at last gotten the greater of me. It was mid morning and I
had drifted off to bed after taking several a lot of cold medication.
The next thing I am aware, I hear the name of mine truly being called and I open the eyes of mine to see the standing of her over me. She informed me that the "roommate" of mine had mentioned
to her that I was not feeling way too well and asked her to check out on me since
I was from town and had nobody better to get it done.
As I gradually returned to total consciousness, I rolled over on the back of mine and
sure enough she was standing alongside my bedside dressed in her nurse's uniform! Even though I was really not feeling good, I was nevertheless able to
be aroused in the sight as it met the fantasies of mine to a tee, not to
mention that the sunshine arriving from the window behind the shone of her
throughout the uniform of her so I can see the outline of the legs of her with the content of the dress.
She leaned over the bed and placed the hands of her on each side of the experience of mine as well as the neck of mine, then simply within the covers on the chest of mine.
"You think you've a fever", she stated. She reached into a
bag that she'd put on the seat next to the foundation of mine and I saw her pull
out a couple of things and place them on the nightstand though I did not pay attention to precisely what she'd. She pulled the blankets down to below
the knees of mine, exposing the underwear clad body of mine and also said, "Over on the stomach of yours for me." What? Nevertheless, I was only a little groggy from the frosty medicine and
rolled over without any questioning.

I started figuring things out as I experienced the underwear of mine getting pulled down to
below the knees of mine and she pushed against the interior of the thighs of mine for me to spread the legs of mine wider. I looked to the edge to see her placing on latex
exam gloves also I noticed her squeezing a tube of sure jelly on the index finger of her. Naturally, with the standing of her next to the foundation, I will be able to see
throughout the uniform of her as I believe the buttocks of mine parted plus her finger pressing against the anus of mine. She moved the finger of her around somewhat before steadily
inserting it the whole length into the rectum of mine. She twisted the finger of her and
pushed a little more deeply until I experienced the idea of the finger of her touch the prostate of mine (that experienced exceptional maybe even in my drugged condition). She gradually removed
the finger of her, twisting it and sometimes pushing it also in a bit of bit, until it had been all of the way out. I experienced a stirring in my groin,
except the frosty medicine kept the penis of mine from becoming erect. I experienced her
spreading the buttocks of mine once more & I have a look of a thermometer as I experienced her place it into the rectum of mine. Not the identical feeling as her finger,
but sensational nevertheless.
She sat down on the bed next to me as well as I experienced the heat of the thigh of her as she rested the hand of her on the bottom of mine, the thermometer involving the fingers of her.
"You've not been eating good, I am told", she stated., before I'd a plus a plus
opportunity to answer she stated, "So, you have additionally not been transferring your bowels?"
"Un-uh", was the reply of mine. The hand of her on the buttocks of mine felt so great and her
many other hand was running up and down the rear of the thigh of mine. This must have
gone on for many minutes since I'd drifted back to a drugged express until I experienced the stress of the thermometer being eliminated. She
stood up and wiped it all. As the thermometer was held by her up to read through it
she'd assumed a somewhat different position and so the sunshine shining
through her uniform enabled me to verify 2 things () is thought by me: one) her
ass was nevertheless solid since I can see-the taught curve of it as it
joined the thighs of her; two) she have to have been using specific stockings since I can clearly see-the outline of bikini panties. an once again an once again
stirring in the groin of mine, though the drugs had killed the ability of mine to create an erection.
"About what I thought", she stated as she put the thermometer in the situation of its. I was still looking at the silhouette of pantyline as well as asscheek
through the uniform of her when she turned to acquire something different on the table.
I recognized she picked up much package and then removed a bottle which had some kind of suggestion on it. She'd turned quickly and was once again sitting
next to me on the bed the hand of her spreading the buttocks of mine apart. Surprised,
I tensed up a little and then attempted to come over, but she pressed down on my
buttocks and stated, "We're not through yet - this's just a thing to help keep you moving."
As she stated that, I experienced a pressing against the anus of mine, not as tiny as the thermometer and never as large as the finger of her but almost as deep. It was
placed continuously and once it had been entirely placed I experienced a fluid actually being injected inside of me. The rectal muscles of mine contracted involuntarily
and she rubbed the bottom of mine stating, "It's only a Fleet enema to promote the bowels of yours - no problem." An enema! Even during my drugged state, I
knew what that meant. She rapidly through with the items in the
bottle and I experienced the nozzle being taken out of the anus of mine.
There seemed to be some cramping and she'd me switch over on the back of mine. Again,
my drugged state hampered the inhibitions of mine, therefore I rolled right over then recognized I was exposed before her! She got my
underwear and had it all the legs of mine quickly, next she started rubbing the stomach of mine down into the pelvic area of mine above the penis of mine. While this did make
the cramping subside, the stirring in the groin of mine returned and I noticed
which I was sprouting somewhat of an erection, though nowadays the prescriptions had been saving me from total embarrassment. "Sometimes guys get erections
whenever we try this treatment. You have likely had an excessive amount of cold medicine",
she stated as she carried on stroking. But, still, the penis of mine just got about
half-erect. After a couple of minutes, there is cramping which wouldn't go
away. I told her as well as she helped me up and away from the bed and in to the
"Sit on the bathroom until you do not need to go anymore", she instructed me. I sat there aproximatelly fifteen minutes, though I can say I experienced a lot better
once I'd expelled all of that which was in me. And now remember what food I do?
Totally naked, having been subjected to the nurse both front and also back.
I did not need to consider that long. She need to have read me
clean the bathroom since she came in to the bathroom as I was planning to leave. Standing before her, I placed the hands of mine in front of my
genitals, knowing it had been similar to closing the barn's door after the horse had left.
"Before I go out of, I should provide you with plenty of medication designed to move more
fast compared to that over-the-counter cool cure you have been taking", she suggested. She indicated that I ought to leave the bathroom, therefore I led, with
her following my naked behind to the room. As I was getting
into bed and attempting to recoup the nakedness of mine, she said, "Get on your knees and hands for me..." I pretended to not see as well as crawled underneath the
covers. Which did not make any difference. She pulled the covers all the
way back and repeated the instructions of her, therefore I complied...not before
noticing that the latex examination gloves were on along with one finger was up with lubricant. I would completed this drill before - the buttocks of mine were spread
what about went the finger of her, but a little faster this time. She turned
returned to the kitchen table and I noticed her unwrap a bullet shaped item originating from a foil wrapper. "An antibiotic suppository which goes to work right'll work well as brand new by morning", she stated, after which I experienced it
against the anus of mine being pushed deep to the rectum of mine by the finger of her. It must
have disappeared way into the body of mine since she pushed the finger of her all the
way inside and also once again touched the prostate of mine, though this time she applied pressure to it. While she'd her finger pressed against my prostate,
the many other hand of her reached underneath me to feel the stomach of mine. This triggered those
familiar stirrings in the groin of mine to go back and also my penis raised to a partly erect state. As the hand of her moved lower, she recognized the arousal of mine
as her wrist brushed against my penis. "You'll do a lot better than that by
the morning", she stated, and allow the hand stroke of her throughout the penis of mine and up to rest on the buttock of mine. Without the cold medication, I'd have had a
raging hard-on; actually I possibly would've ejaculated. She lightly
smacked the left buttock of mine and then removed the finger of her. She had taken a tissue and
wiped the oil from between the buttocks of mine. Off came the latex exam
gloves and she cleaned up the supplies of her and place them also in the bin. I
lay on the belly of mine, the bottom of mine continue to exposed, as she pulled the blankets over me. "You rest all day long, and also I will check back on you this evening..."
I drifted back off into drug induced sleep as she left.

Doctor Pervs Medical Fetish
















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